Aligned Courses

Courses listed below have all been aligned for CT State Community College. Please use the filter option below to search course titles, abbreviations, and numbers.

CT State Approved Course Outlines

Aligned Courses
English Courses


  • ENG 101, ENG 101H
    ENG 101: Composition satisfies the Written Communication I requirement. It is additionally offered in an Honors format.

  • ENG 101 W
    ENG 101 W: Composition Workshop is the linked corequisite course for ENG 101.

  • ENG 102, ENG 102H, ENG 103, ENG 103H, ENG 202
    ENG 102 /102 H: Composition II and Literature, ENG 103 / ENG 103 H: Composition II and Non-fiction Texts, and ENG 202: Composition II: Technical Writing and Presentation each satisfy the Written Composition II requirement. These are included here to illustrate the progression from Written Communication I to Written Communication II. They are not directly part of the ACME project.


Aligned Courses
Math Courses & Pathways

Aligned Courses
All Courses

This course list will continue to be updated through Spring 2022.
Prerequisites are in the process of being added to all General Education courses.
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