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Descriptive Transcript of Guided Pathways Overview video

Note: Female for entire video voiceover.  View complete video:

Time Codes Visuals Audio
0:00 Hand writes "What is Guided Pathways Advising" on screen  What is Guided Pathways Advising?
0:03 Animation: hands cups  globe Guided Pathways Advising is an academic advising program focused on supporting
0:07 Animation: woman sits typing on latop at desk with books on top. Arrow points to the right. Same woman pops up excited, with diploma next to her. you from start to finish at one of our twelve Connecticut Community Colleges.
0:13 Hand writes "How will it benefit you?" on screen How will it benefit you?
0:15 Animation: Students from different races and genders pop up on screen waving   All students will be assigned a Guided Pathways Advisor (GP Advisor) once they start college.
0:22 Animation: Advisor sits behind desk while student sits in yellow arm chair across from him. She smiles while he talks.    Your GP Advisor is committed to assisting you develop and achieve your academic and career goals.
0:28 Hand writes "What can my GP advisor do for me?" on screen  What can my GP Advisor do for me?
0:31 Animation: Same advisor as before talks to male student while typing on computer. Your GP Advisor is a dedicated professional whose primary goal is helping you achieve your academic and career goals.
0:36 Animation: Three people on screen. The one in the middle is the student those on the side are faculty and staff. They gesture to her, excited.     Together with faculty and staff they will guide you in:
0:41 Words being spoken shown on screen as a bulleted list. -Developing your academic and career plan. ---Selecting your program and courses.
-Completing your program of study.
-Transferring into a bachelor’s degree program.
-Exploring employment opportunities.
0:56 Animation: Worried female student sits in library while other students hang out in background. Female is visibly upset.    Struggling academically? Experiencing personal challenges? Need help navigating college?
1:00 Animation: Female student from previous scene pops into advisor's office chair. She still looks worried.  Reach out to your GP Advisor in-person or via telephone,
1:06 Animation: Student in different situations pop up- on phone, typing on laptop, video conferencing email, or videoconferencing. Whatever your unique circumstances,
1:10 Animation: Student is once again with her advisor but looks happy this time. when you need support, your GP Advisor will connect you with resources on and off campus.
1:16 Hand writies "How does GP Advising complement faculty advising?" on screen  How does GP Advising complement faculty advising?
1:20 Animation: female advisor and male student sit at conference table together talking. Another advisor slides in next to original advisor and both speak to student. Your GP Advisor will collaborate with your Faculty Advisor and others to support your goals and academic success throughout your entire time here. Your GP Advisor and Faculty Advisor are available to assist you from start to finish at a Connecticut Community College of your choice!
1:37 Animation: Students sit on the left side of the stage while advisors and college leader applaud them from right side of stage.   All students should be guided to success irrespective of the challenges you face.
1:41 Animation: Student surrounded by his GP and Faculty Advisor. Student high fives advisor on his right and then turns and high fives his advisor on the left.   We are here to help! Your success team, comprising your GP Advisor, Faculty Advisor,
1:47 Animation: other staff members join on screen and all clap for student while he cheers.   and key professional staff members are always here to support you in reaching your goals!
1:53 CT State logo To connect with your GP Advisor, visit your campus’ advising office or your college’s advising webpage.