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As a student at CT State Community College, you're supported by two advisors. Your Guided Pathways (GP) Advisor will help you to develop and achieve your academic and career goals while your Faculty Advisor will work with you based on your program of study. Together they offer the support you need to succeed as a CT State student.

Meet With Your Campus Advisor

Choose your home campus from the list below for further information about connecting with your advisor.

About Advising at CT State

Guided Pathways (GP) Advising

How GP Advising Works:

  • Upon registration all students (new and continuing) are assigned to a Guided Pathways (GP) Advisor based on their program or area of study.
  • GP Advising does not replace faculty/program advising. You are encouraged to connect with your Faculty Advisor based on your program of study and together they will support you in reaching your academic, transfer, and career goals.
  • To identify your advisors, you can visit Degree Works and your assigned advisors will be listed at the top of the page.

Your GP Advisor Can Help You:

  • Develop and achieve your academic and career goals
  • Support and collaborate with your faculty/program advisor
  • Discuss transfer opportunities
  • Encourage involvement with campus activities
  • Introduce you to community resources, both on and off campus
  • Help you connect with academic support services such tutoring and study skills
  • Empower you to become a self-advocate
  • Develop effective decision-making and problem-solving skills

Faculty Advising

Faculty Advisors work with you based on your program of study. This close working relationship allows for a personalized approach to advising based on your situation, personal and professional goals, and your Faculty Advisor's intricate knowledge of your program of study. Faculty Advisors are typically assigned once a student has matriculated into a program and it's recommended that you meet with your Faculty Advisor early in your academic journey. To find your faculty advisor, log into myCTState and navigate to the Degree Works section where you'll see advisors listed. 

Mission and Vision

All community college students, from initial registration to completion, are supported by Guided Pathways (GP) Advisors to establish academic and career goals, receive proactive and individualized academic and holistic supports that result in the timely and equitable completion of credentials that lead to employment, transfer, and family sustainable wages.

Guided Pathways Advising is a dynamic student-centered holistic approach grounded in student development and learning. GP Advisors align advising practices with the diverse and unique needs of each individual student in their caseload. GP Advisors advise, advocate, mentor, support, and coach their caseload to reach their individual goals.