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Did you know that you may be able to earn college credit while still in high school? 

The Early College and Dual Enrollment program allows high school students to take classes online, at one of our campuses or even at their own high school! Credits earned may count towards both your high school diploma and college degree, giving you a head start on your higher education journey.

What are the benefits of being a dual-enrolled student through CT State?

  • early exposure to college-level courses and college expectations
  • flexibility to take classes on campus, online and/or at your high school
  • access to over 1,000 high-interest general education and technical courses that are geared toward career and transfer pathways
  • courses taught by highly qualified faculty experts
  • small class sizes
  • classes may count for both high school credit and towards a college degree
  • save time on earning a college degree by not having to repeat learning
  • substantial cost-saving potential*
  • free access to CT State libraries, tutoring centers, disability and accessibility services, student clubs, college events, advising, mental health and wellness counseling, and financial aid offices

* Save on your college degree by leveraging cost-effective dual enrollment courses and matriculating to CT State when you graduate high school and use CT State's free college program, to complete one of 300 college degrees or certificates when you graduate.

National research studies show that students who participate in dual enrollment are more likely to:

  • graduate high school on time
  • earn college credit and take college credit-bearing courses
  • go on to post-secondary education directly after high school
  • graduate college with a certificate or degree
  • occur less or no student debt

CT State offers the following opportunities for students to earn college credit and be exposed to college-level learning while in high school:

High School Partnership

Any Connecticut publicly enrolled high school junior or senior may take up to two college courses each fall and spring semester, taught by CT State faculty on any of our campuses, online or through a hybrid approach. To be considered eligible, you must meet the same requirements as any other college student. These courses are tuition and fee-free but you are responsible for covering the costs of books.

Concurrent Enrollment or College and Career Pathways (CCP)

Any Connecticut publicly enrolled high school junior or senior may enroll in CT State courses, taught by credentialled high school teachers at your high school. You must meet the same eligibility requirements as any other college student taking the same courses. To enroll, students must complete the concurrent enrollment application.

Credit for Prior Learning

CT State offers a number of ways you may leverage competencies earned through additional experience or coursework other than through taking college courses. These include recognition of exam scores from Advanced PlacementCLEPInternational Baccalaureate and Dantes (DSST). It also includes recognition for industry-recognized credentials through ACE.

CT State Model Programs that Leverage Dual Enrollment

Gateway to College

Gateway to College is a national model, where students complete their high school diploma on the CT State Gateway campus through a partnership between the local school district and the campus, and is tuition and fee-free to participating students. Through this program, you will take college courses mapped to complete your high school graduation requirements while earning college credit toward an associate degree. You must meet the same eligibility requirements as any other college student taking the same courses.

Middle College High Schools

Middle college high schools are a national model, which co-locates a high school on a college campus and leverages a combination of high school partnership courses and concurrent enrollment courses to customize pathways for you to earn college credit while completing your high school diploma. Courses are offered at no cost to you or your family. You will benefit from physically being on the college campus with access to all of the college amenities and services, once dual-enrolled. These partnerships are currently offered at Manchester (Great Path Academy), Three Rivers (Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School), and Quinebaug Valley (Quinebaug Middle College High School).


P-TECH is a national model where you may take a combination of high school partnership courses and concurrent enrollment courses, mapped to earning up to an industry-recognized associate degree in information technology. You may take college-credit-bearing classes starting in the 9th grade. This option currently exists through a partnership between Norwalk Public School and the Norwalk campus.

Self-Paying Dual Enrollment

CT State also offers the opportunity to enroll in our courses beyond those available in the programs listed above to high school students wishing to self-pay and who meet the enrollment criteria for the course. Students taking this route are traditionally non-degree seeking.

For more information, please contact our recruitment staff at .