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Mission Statement

The Honors Program aims to provide a rich learning experience to academically talented and highly motivated students. Through challenging academics, special programming, a personalized collegiate environment, community engagement and leadership opportunities, students develop academic, professional and interpersonal skills that will serve them in all areas of life.

What's the Honors Program?

The Honors Program at CT State provides students with academic enrichment in addition to their associate degree program. Throughout the cohort-based program, Honors students hone the academic, professional and interpersonal skills necessary for transfer and future academic and career success. Honors students benefit from a lower-than-average teacher-to-student ratio, close faculty mentoring, special programming, independent study opportunities and access to unique opportunities and scholarships. The Honors Program is flexible enough to fit with most degree programs and students can use Honors Program courses to fulfill general education requirements. Students have the option of completing a two-year program or a 1.5-year program.

group of six honors students gather in a classroom for a discussion

What are the Benefits of the Honors Program?

  • Rigorous coursework to challenge you academically
  • Smaller classes that allow for more individual attention from professors
  • Special programming to develop academic, leadership and professional skills
  • Field trips
  • Access to classes and resources at our 4-year institutional partners (e.g. Wesleyan)
  • Opportunities to transfer to competitive four-year institutions including Yale University, Wesleyan University, Amherst College, Vanderbilt University, Trinity College, Muhlenberg College, etc. typically with scholarships
  • Higher retention and graduation rates
  • Peer-bonding within cohort
  • Close mentoring and assistance with the transfer process
  • Scholarships
group of honors student on field trip

Who's Eligible for the Honors Program?

  • Incoming First-Year Student: Minimum 3.25 high school GPA or top 10% of HS class or 25 ACT or 500 Reading/Writing AND 500 Math SAT
  • Current Students: Eligible to apply at the end of the first semester if you have a minimum 3.25 CT State GPA
students pose with Miguel Cardona and Ned Lamont

Minimum Requirements for Graduating from the CT State Honors Program

  • Maintain an overall minimum GPA of 3.25
  • ENG 1010H – Composition Honors* or ENG 1020H –Composition II & Literature Honors*
  • At least 2 other honors courses*. CCS 1001H is strongly recommended. Other options include General Psychology I Honors – PSY 1011H, several history courses, and Intro to Environmental Science Honors – ENVE 1010H)
  • Capstone Project/Independent Study Course (ex. HNRS 2002)

*Students may take these courses as “honors by contract.

Student Testimonials

Mukshud Ahamed speaks at podium during academic convivium

Mukshud Ahamed graduated with an associate degree in Biotechnology and transferred to Wesleyan University as an Etherington Scholar. He went on to complete a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology at Stonybrook University.

"The honors program at MxCC* allowed me to challenge myself academically and professionally and was essential in my transfer to Wesleyan University on a full scholarship. Students like me, who underperformed in high school, deserve as many chances as they require to reach their full potential. The honors program and beyond at MxCC* provide such opportunities."

Manahil Khan speaks into microphone during academic convivium

Manahil Khan transferred to the University of Hartford with a Merit Scholarship. Since earning her bachelor’s degree at UHart, she has been working her way up the ladder at Stanley Black and Decker, currently holding a position as a senior analyst. 

"The honors program helped me realize my full potential as a student. It helped me to develop great connections and without the help of my professors who ran the program, I don’t think I would have ended up going to the University of Hartford and I wouldn’t have become as confident.” 

Dante Petruzziello speaks at podium during academic convivium

Dante Petruzziello earned an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences degree and then transferred to Yale on a Yale scholarship. He then went to NYU Medical School to fulfill his dream of becoming a physician.

“I am very grateful for the personal and professional growth I’ve achieved due to the Honors Program; it really is a gem within the already special place of Middlesex Community College*.” 

*now CT State Middlesex

How Do I Apply to the Honors Program?

First, identify which campus Honors Program you wish to apply to. An Honors Program is currently available on the Manchester, Middlesex, Northwestern and Three Rivers campuses. Students can participate in the Honors Program on a given campus even if it is not their home campus.  For instance, a student whose home campus is Tunxis can apply to and be accepted into the Honors Program at Middlesex and the student’s home campus can remain Tunxis. Note that some Honors Program requirements for a given campus Honors Program can only be fulfilled in person on that campus.

Complete the application form and email all parts of the application to the program coordinator of the Honors Program to which you are applying:


Olivia Chiang,


Andrea Levy, Ph.D., MBe,


Jaclyn Vincent,

Three Rivers

Kevin Amenta, M.S.,


Contact Dr. Andrea Levy at .