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As CT State faculty and staff working with students with disabilities, there are certain responsibilities expected of you. Please familiarize yourself with the list below. 


Email us at or find your campus director.

Accessing and Using the Faculty Accommodate Portal

Follow along with this short video to learn how to access and utilize the faculty Accommodate portal.

Faculty Responsibilities:

  • Include a syllabus statement on how students can access accommodations.

  • Provide accommodations to students as soon as they are notified through the accommodation letter from CT State’s Office for Disability and Accessibility Services (ODAS).

  • Contact ODAS at or by reaching out to their campus lead if there are any questions or concerns about an approved accommodation or how to best work with a student. ODAS is here to support the academic efforts of students with disabilities and can serve as a resource to faculty members to help meet this goal.

  • Maintain confidentiality of students who disclose their disability or need for accommodation as well as keep private the information included in the accommodation letter and the identity of the students from whom they receive letters regarding.

  • Faculty do not have the right to refuse to provide approved accommodation as outlined on an official letter from ODAS, to question whether the disability exists or the nature of it, or to request to examine the student’s documentation.

  • Faculty members do have input and should work with students to determine how accommodations will be provided in a particular class. An accommodation should not alter the fundamental nature of a course or program. If a faculty member believes an approved accommodation may fundamentally alter the course requirements, they should contact ODAS at or by reaching out to their campus lead.