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CT State’s Office for Disability and Accessibility Services (ODAS)understands that obtaining and maintaining accommodations might seem daunting to an already busy college student. Our team strives to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. If you need help with any of the steps, please email your campus ODAS.

How to Register with ODAS
To get started with obtaining disability support services, see the steps below. Once approved, accommodations will be applicable across all campuses within CT State Community College

To request accommodations for the first time, please follow these steps:

  • Step 2: After ODAS has determined that your records are complete, one of our staff will send an invitation to schedule an intake appointment.

  • Step 3: During the intake appointment, share your self-report. ODAS will work with you over the course of your intake appointment to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations to ensure your equal access to CT State’s programs and services.

  • Step 4: Students will receive an email after their intake appointment with their approved accommodations and instructions to complete a semester request.

  • Step 5: Each semester, students must submit a semester request indicating consent for accommodation information to be shared and with whom.
    How to Request Accommodations Each Semester.
    In order to use accommodations, students must request their accommodation letters and give permission for ODAS to share their accommodations approval with selected instructors each semester. This process is completed through a semester request

    Semester Requests

    Each semester, instructors must be notified of accommodations via an “accommodation letter.” Accommodation letters are sent once students submit their semester requests via Accommodate. Accommodation letters can be sent at any point during the semester, however, accommodations are not applicable until the letter is sent. As a reminder, accommodations are never retroactive and as such, ODAS recommends submitting semester requests as soon as possible. Students can then determine if and when they need to utilize the approved accommodations.

    Accommodate will provide you with a dashboard of information on your registered classes and approved accommodations. Please see the instructions below to complete a semester request:

    • To begin, log in with your CT State single sign-on username and password to Accomodate
    • Select the “Accommodation” tab (on the left)
    • Select “Renewal Semester Request”
    • Click the drop-down and navigate to the correct semester
    • Add “New”
    • Select current semester
    • Select “Review the Renewal” (on the right)
    • Review each accommodation and using the checkboxes, select only those courses to which you want your accommodations to apply
    • Scroll down and click submit.

    Note: requests are reviewed and processed by staff in the order in which they are received. Once processed, you and your instructors will receive your accommodation letter via email. It is typical for semester requests to be responded to within 2 business days.