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CT State Degree Works is now live as we prepare for fall registration, which opens on April 4th! To assist you as you get ready to register, we wanted to bring a few items to your attention:

  • Students who are graduating (or are planning to graduate) in May or August 2023 should continue to use their college Degree Works for their degree audit (available through myCommNet).
  • Students who are graduating (or planning to graduate) beginning in fall 2023 should use the CT State Degree Works for their degree audit (available through myCTState).
  • CT State Degree Works may not show your updated schedule for spring or summer classes. Don’t worry! You can still use Degree Works from your home college to see these courses. Once the fall semester begins, your spring and summer courses will be reflected in CT State Degree Works as well.
  • Please be aware that updates to the 23-24 curriculum are in the process of being finalized; you may see minor adjustments to your degree audit once your program of study has been finalized for the 23-24 academic year.
  • You may see some of your courses appear in the “Not applied to this program” category and your “Program Progress” percentage temporarily drop in your CT State Degree Works audit. We will work with you to apply these courses to your new CT State program either administratively or through the course substitution process as you meet with your advisor or the coordinator of your degree or certificate program. 
  • If you have questions about courses not appearing correctly on your audit, please reach out to your Guided Pathways or Faculty advisor. The name of your advisor(s) will be listed on your Degree Works audit.