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Ready to start your career but aren’t sure how?

This course focuses on the development of a resume, essential interview skills and the soft skills that will give you the tools to secure and retain employment. You’ll engage in mock interviews to develop these skills and critical interpersonal skills such as team building, conflict resolution in the workplace, and providing quality customer service will be covered. Additionally, you’ll learn the essential core values needed to become an asset to your future employer.

In This Course You'll Learn To:

  • identify effective job search strategies
    • develop an effective résumé and cover letter
  • conduct employment search and complete job applications
    • identify best job references
    • prepare for a job interview
    • demonstrate the skills needed to succeed in the interview
    • prepare interview follow-up
  • strengthen team building skills
    • develop effective listening skills
    • illustrate the importance of telephone and email etiquette
    • apply conflict resolution strategies
  • define “professionalism”
    • develop attitudes for success
    • identify the importance of a professional image
  • manage stress in the workplace
    • use time management techniques

      Admission Requirements:

      • Students must be currently enrolled in a career program or have recently completed a career program to enroll in this course.

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