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Want to improve your riding skills?

Designed for riders with some experience, a motorcycle operator learner’s permit and their own motorcycle, the Intermediate Rider course will improve your braking, cornering, and evasive maneuvers as well as teach you "street strategies" necessary for survival. A combination of in-person instruction, self-guided online learning, and practical riding training will give you the knowledge and experience needed to ride safely and confidently.

Successful completion of this course fulfills the requirements of the state-approved Intermediate Rider course for licensing. You must ride to class, no hauling bikes/scooters to class on a trailer or truck is permitted (no exceptions). Bikes will be inspected.

Instruction Time Includes:

3 Hours
Classroom Instruction

3 Hours 
Online Self-Guided eCourse

5 Hours 
Range Training

  • Cost


  • Class Size

    12 Students

  • Commitment

    2-3 days

  • Terms Offered

    Fall, Spring, Summer

Admission Requirements:

  • Valid CT driver's license
  • Able to balance a two-wheeled vehicle (bicycle)
  • Physical ability to operate a motorcycle (no straight pipes)
  • A minimum of 600 street riding miles, or more than six months of riding experience
  • Proof of state-required insurance coverage for said motorcycle
  • Access to a computer, printer, and internet (student must take and pass the 3+ hour eCourse before first class)
  • An email address (to obtain the eCourse login link)
  • eCourse completion certificate, completed within 30 days before the class start date, MUST be provided to the instructor on the first day of class
  • Signed minor waiver form from parent or guardian from any participant under 18 or completed adult waiver form if over 18

Driving Requirements:

  • A street-legal motorcycle to be used in the program
    You must ride to class, no hauling bikes/scooters to class on a trailer or truck is permitted (no exceptions). Bikes will be inspected.
  • Proof of current motorcycle permit, registration, and insurance card
  • Helmet-due to COVID-19 precautions, students must provide their own helmets
    full-face, ¾, and half helmets are acceptable if they meet minimum DOT certification.
  • Eye protection
    face shield, goggles, or glasses
  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket
  • Full-fingered gloves, leather preferred
  • Long, ankle-length pants
    denim or other heavy material
  • Leather boots or leather athletic shoes
    over-the-ankle style

We suggest bringing your own snacks & beverages on your riding days. Please arrive well-hydrated and rested.

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