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The Real Estate Principles and Practices course is for students seeking to become real estate agents, property managers, homeowners or investors. This course is taught by seasoned real estate professionals and successfully meets the minimum requirements for real estate licensing in the State of Connecticut and meets the minimum requirements set forth by the Connecticut Real Estate Commission. Students will learn about land use controls and regulations, market analysis, financing, contracts, transfer of titles, real estate law and ethical practices.

Upon course completion, students who intend to sit for the state licensing exam (PSI exam), at a separate and additional cost, must pass this course with a grade of 70 or better and attend the minimum 60 hours of classroom instruction required by the state. For more information on Connecticut real estate licensing, please visit the Department of Consumer Protection online at www.ct.gov/DCP or call 860-713-6150. Students cannot miss a class. All real estate programs are approved by the Real Estate Commission.

In this course you'll learn how to:

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  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of real estate terminology and concepts including but not limited to home ownership, agency, brokerage, buyer representation, listing agreements, transfer and title records, property management, appraisals, fair housing and ethics, liens, taxes, and contracts
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of property and how it relates to real estate and the real estate industry including the financing of real estate transactions
  • gain proficiency in general real estate legal considerations as it relates to real estate transactions in the State of Connecticut
  • establish competency in the knowledge and practice of selling, listing, and marketing real estate properties in the State of Connecticut
  • demonstrate appropriate knowledge, professional ethics, and honest representation as a competent real estate salesperson (upon passing of Connecticut State Exam) and represent the public in a competent, honest and resourceful manner

Note: Student must be 18 years of age when sitting for state exam.

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