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CT State Community College’s Engineering and Technology programs emphasize how users interact with technology, the complexity of an information-rich society, and the impact of information in our lives. We pride ourselves in offering rich learning environments and pedagogically sound learning experiences.

Many of the engineering and technology associate degree programs at CT State have specialized curriculums to begin technology or engineering technology studies and transition to earning a four-year, bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology.

Students can also put their strengths to work and gain the skills needed to move quickly into entry-level manufacturing jobs. Manufacturing is resurging in Connecticut and beyond, and CT State Community College’s manufacturing degree and certificate programs enhance skills needed to work in many technical fields. Through attrition and the need for a highly skilled workforce, manufacturers are facing a shortage of skilled workers. This could be an opportunity to start a career doing exciting work at a higher-than-average rate of pay with full fringe benefits.

ACC Student Welding 2
GCC. Automotive Tech Wide Shot SHop
GCC.Manfacturing Student Operating Different Machine With Teacher Instruction.zooming Closeup
GCC.Students Preparing To Take Notes
HCC Instructor And Student
HCC Instructor Telling Student What To Do
MCC. MS. Student Meassuring And Cutting Metal
TCC.Robotics.Medium Shot Robotics Student With Robot 1