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Creative arts and humanities programs combine curiosity, expression, and passion together in growing career fields with many opportunities for the future. A degree from the School of Arts and Humanities at CT State builds crucial skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, and cross-cultural understanding.

Our students gain the tools to cultivate a deep understanding of different cultures and cultural differences — historically, geographically, and artistically. Arts and humanities students are distinct in their ability to bring innovative solutions to novel challenges.

The School of Arts and Humanities offers a rich array of courses in Art and Design, Communication, Digital and Media Production, English, Languages and Culture, and Performing Arts, which serves to guide and educate students to reflect critically on the role of the humanities in their personal and professional growth; to connect students to the rich cultural mosaic of Connecticut, the region, and the world; and to foster a vibrant environment of artistic and scholarly activities for the college and surrounding communities. Students will study both the impact of change on our culture, and the timeless perspectives that have shaped our lives and thought.

For individuals with many strengths and interests, CT State Community College offers focused associate degree or certificate programs leading to creative and productive careers, and provides opportunities for hands-on, real-world engagement. Pathway programs are available in several majors, allowing students to gain course credits that directly transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at Connecticut colleges and universities.

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