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The Center for New Media at CT State Middlesex offers innovative applied associate of science degrees in new media production, with concentrations in the following tracks: film and video, multimedia design and digital arts, news and sports, corporate video production, web design and development, digital marketing, and audio and music production. We also offer a transfer associate of arts degree in communication studies.

Join one of our cutting-edge Center for New Media programs and gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need for a competitive edge in the workforce.

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  • Rick Eriksen, New Media Production: Multimedia Design, Web Design and Development
  • Phillip Fox, Program Director of New Media
  • Dan Nocera, New Media Production: Corporate Media Production
  • Todd Levesque, Media Operations Specialist for the Center for New Media Department
  • Elena Sanchez, Educational Assistant for the Center for New Media Department
  • Monique Simon, Educational Assistant for the Center for New Media Department
  • Judith DeGraffenried, Fine Arts/Graphic Design


Services We Offer

Open Labs

Students can work on projects including video, design, animation, and more at our labs on campus. Rooms 610, 612 and 629 in Chapman Hall are all available for open lab access. Students can also use the Macs in the library or Wheaton Hall room 305 to work on projects and homework. While classes are in session, walk-ins are welcomed with the instructor's permission.

Equipment Loans

Center for New Media Students may borrow camcorders, cameras, microphones, headphones, lights, card readers, tripods, cables and cords, voice recorders, dollies, VR glasses and more. 

Tutoring Services

We provide tutoring services geared towards the needs of any student taking classes at the Center for New Media.

High-Definition Screening Room

This room is equipped for screening high-definition Blu-rays, DVDs, Apple TV and online interactive content. The command station has inputs for computers, laptops, iPads, iPods and other devices. The classroom features a surround-sound system, a state-of-the-art projection system, a wall-mounted large-screen HDTV and a video conferencing system. The large, multifunctional room features movable seating that can be used for a lecture-style class or stacked away for a performance class. The Screening Room is located in Chapman Hall, room 605.

New Media Production Classroom

This room features 24 top-of-the-line iMacs, equipped with the latest production technology and software. There are also laptop stations and workstations for students to work on multimedia and design projects. The New Media Production classroom is located in Chapman Hall, room 610. 

New Media Production Lab

This open lab features 24 top-of-the-line iMacs, equipped with the latest production technology and software. It is available for student use and has software to support all Digital Media Production courses. This lab also features a Kiosk where students can access video tutorials. The classroom features a high-end projection system and surround sound audio. The New Media Production lab is located in Chapman Hall, room 612. 

Collaborative Classroom

This classroom is laid out in clusters so students can easily work in groups for class projects. The Collaborative Classroom features four television monitors with the ability to show multiple sources and 24 top-of-the-line iMacs. There is also a glass window that looks into Master Control and The Production Studio. The Collaborative Classroom is located in Chapman Hall, 629.

Video Editing Labs

The Center for New Media department offers video editing suites for students taking production courses. Students can work alone or in small groups in these suites. The editing suites feature sound-proof walls and high-end iMacs with video production and design software. To learn more about reserving an editing suite, click here. The editing suites are located in Chapman Hall, 628 A & B.

 Production Studio

The new Production Studio allows for the production of live and recorded programming, green screen effects, motion capture, and motion picture photography. It can also serve as music recording studio and a black box theater for live theater and acting classes. The new high-definition studio is located on the lower level of Chapman Hall, room 632.

Master Control

Master Control offers a state-of-the-art learning experience and is nestled between the Collaborative Classroom and the Production Studio. A glass window looks into the Production Studio and the Collaborative Classroom so students can work together on live projects.  It features high definition production equipment, broadcast graphics, robotic camera control and large multi-viewers. Master Control is located in Chapman Hall, room 630.

 Music Production

This room features 24-track music recording equipment and acoustic sound panels. For motion picture recording, performances can be mixed to Dolby 7.1 surround sound. This room looks into the Production Studio, which can be used for music recording. The Music Production room is located in Chapman Hall, room 634.

Audio/Radio Production

The Center for New Media has two rooms dedicated to audio and radio production. One of the rooms houses our new FCC-approved radio station, WMDX 107.5 FM, coming soon. Learn more about our new radio station here. The smaller audio studio can be used as a second radio studio, a voiceover booth or an isolation booth for music recordings. The Audio/Radio Production rooms are located in Chapman Hall, room 633 A & B.

Green Room

The Green Room serves multiple purposes for the Center for New Media. It is equipped with comfortable lounge chairs, a makeup station, and a mini-kitchen. Students can use this room to apply makeup before a broadcast or production, and guests can relax before a performance. The room also serves as a meeting space. Seven people can fit comfortably along the conference table, which is equipped with a high-definition TV for presentations and video conferencing capabilities. The Green Room is located in room 628.

Equipment Loan Room

The Center for New Media department offers audio and video production gear for production students to sign out. Students taking broadcast-cinema, communication, digital arts, and photography classes can borrow cameras, camcorders, lighting kits, microphones, tripods, and more during the academic semester for use in course projects. The Equipment Loan Room is located in Chapman Hall, room 604.