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Ready to feel the rush of the ride again? 

The Returning Rider Basic Rider course, designed specifically for motorcyclists who have experience but have been off the road for a while will help you refresh your skills and boost your riding confidence. Refine your basic motorcycle skills and techniques, increase your knowledge of risk and risk management, improve perception and situational awareness, and gain insight into behaviors and attitudes on the road. Training motorcycles will be provided for the range training portion of the course.

Instruction Time Includes:

3 Hour
Self-Guided Classroom Instruction

3 Hours 
Online Self-Guided eCourse

5 Hours 
Range Training



Class Size

12 Students


2-3 days

Terms Offered

Fall, Spring, Summer

Admission Requirements:

  • Valid CT driver's license

  • Able to balance a two-wheeled vehicle (bicycle)

  • Ability to coordinate clutch lever and throttle use to control the motorcycle smoothly, upshift and downshift smoothly, stop the motorcycle properly at a designated point and negotiate typical roadway turns and curves

  • Prior motorcycling experience-you will be asked to complete on/cycle competency assessment upon arrival to class

  • A minimum of 500 street riding miles, or more than six months of riding experience

  • Access to a computer, printer, and internet (student must take and pass the 3+ hour eCourse before first class)

  • An email address (to obtain the eCourse login link)

  • eCourse completion certificate, completed within 30 days before the class start date, MUST be provided to the instructor on the first day of class

  • Signed minor waiver form from parent or guardian from any participant under 18 or completed adult waiver form if over 18

Driving Requirements:

Note: Motorcycles will be provided 

  • Helmet-due to COVID-19 precautions, students must provide their own helmets
    full-face, ¾, and half helmets are acceptable if they meet minimum DOT certification.

  • Eye protection
    face shield, goggles, or glasses

  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket

  • Full-fingered gloves, leather preferred

  • Long, ankle-length pants
    denim or other heavy material

  • Leather boots or leather athletic shoes
    over-the-ankle style

We suggest bringing your own snacks & beverages on your riding days. Please arrive well-hydrated and rested.

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