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What is Workforce Development and Continuing Education?

The Workforce Development and Continuing Education division offers short-term licensure and certificate training programs and courses designed to meet the needs of Connecticut residents and businesses. These high-quality programs provide individuals who are re-entering the workforce or seeking to develop new technical skills an opportunity to advance in their careers.

Our intensive non-credit training is available to those interested in all career industries, including business, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, manufacturing and social services, and provide opportunities for career growth. Many programs prepare individuals to sit for industry credential examinations;

The division also provides continuing education for those seeking lifelong enrichment education on topics of interest that lead to personal growth. These include English for other language speakers and opportunities to learn about gardening, fine arts, culture, history and more.

We also contract with many companies and government agencies to provide customized training for their employees to meet the demand for job growth and skill development of today’s fast paced organizations. These classes are held in the workplace or may be offered online or at campus locations throughout Connecticut.

Our programs are constantly changing to reflect the ever-changing needs of the businesses and communities we serve. By browsing through the programs and services, we are sure that you will find a variety of opportunities that are right for you.

Our Students

When you enroll in a Workforce Development and Continuing Education course, you will be joining more than 14,000 other students who are eager to have a career change, learn new skills and grow professionally. Our students come from diverse backgrounds but have one thing in common: the desire to learn and grow. Our students range in age from young to older adults and come from all different locations across Connecticut and beyond!

Where to Find Us

We offer a variety of both in-person and online programs at each of our twelve campuses and multiple satellite locations.