We’re excited you’ve chosen to start your pathway to success at CT State! Whether you’re pursuing an associate degree, taking courses to transfer to a Baccalaureate institution, or seeking job skill training, CT State’s dedicated faculty and staff are committed to helping you achieve success!

Find Your Student Type

Use the checklists below, ordered by student type, to ensure enrollment success.

Learn more about enrolling at CT State as an international student here.

  • Apply for Admission
  • Setup and log into your myCTState account
  • Receive Advising (if necessary), you will need to meet with a Guided Pathways Advisor if you require a waiver for a pre-requisite course you took at another institution. Please provide a copy of unofficial transcripts for advising purposes. ((link to GPA page)
  • Register for Classes
  • Print your Class Schedule
  • Pay your Tuition and Fees
  • Get your Textbooks
  • Get your College Photo ID