One College, One Catalog

A single set of clearly mapped requirements for each academic program and a common General Education core will enable students to enroll in courses at any of our campuses without concerns about course transfer or conflicting program requirements.

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Curriculum Alignment

Aligned Degrees and Certificates

  • Programs & Certificates with the same name have the same requirements for all students
  • Each program has a single graduation audit
  • Options within programs allow for specialized training
  • All degree programs include the general education core and student success course approved by the Board of Regents
Aligned Programs

Common Courses Across the College

  • Eliminates duplicate courses, prerequisite differences, credit and transfer issues
  • Courses with the same number have the same name, description, pre-requisites, contact/credit hours, and learning outcomes
Aligned Courses

A common 21-credit General Education core for all degree programs

  • Competency based requirements embedded in a discipline framework
  • Aligned with Framework30 for CSCU transfer programs
Gen Ed

Consistent Academic Policies